December 2021 Update is live

Posted on December 15th, 2021 11:00 AM EST
Update Summary
This update brings a new tab to the Problems section of the main menu: Permissions. This new section allows players to see permissions they granted to servers they play on, both temporary which reset after game shuts down and permanent, which save across game restarts.

The permissions tab displays detailed description of what each permission allows the server to do, and allows players to revoke granted permissions.

The purpose of the permission system to give control over certain scripting features to the player. Currently only 2 permissions are available - Voice chat and server connection. In the future we may put more features that can be abused behind permissions.

Duplicator tool can now store a list of Steam Workshop items that were used to create a duplication.

Players can see the list in the Duplicator tool's context menu and click on each button to open the Steam Workshop item and subscribe to it, allowing an easy way to make sure all necessary Steam Workshop content for a duplication is present. This only applies to newly created duplications.

Map saves now also have a similar feature, but limited only to the map the save was made on. It should now be much easier to install necessary map for a map save.

As usual this update adds a host of smaller features for modders, as well as fixes a bunch of crashes, security issues and other bugs. You can see the complete change list below.

You will find the full change list for this update in our blog post:

This update requires servers to update before you can join them.

This means that for a certain amount of time after the update releases you may be unable to join servers and get a message saying "The server is running an older version of the game" instead. You will have to wait for servers to update before you can join them again.

You cannot downgrade to a previous version of the game. Please be patient and let server owners update their servers.
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