December 2018 Hotfix is live

Posted on December 6th, 2018 11:16 AM EST

The changes

Today's update brings a small amount of vital improvements to the stability and security of the game. This update is mandatory meaning servers will have to be updated before players can join them.

The update fixes some Team Fortress 2 maps crashing when looking at certain spots, and those maps now also properly load detail props. A long standing crash with decals on very high quality models was fixed as well.

This update also brings a new hashing algorithm for Lua files which will prevent people from running custom clientside code on servers when they are not supposed to be able to.

  • Fixed a crash with decals on high poly models
  • Fixed a crash with Projected Textures
  • Fixed crash issues on some TF2 maps
  • Fixed crash issue with physenv.AddSufraceData()
  • Fixed not being able to start a new game with too many game.AddDecal() calls
  • Fixed a crash issue with env_fog_controller
  • Fixed crash exploits with parenting of unremovable entities to removable ones and deleting them this way
  • Fixed certain players not being able to be muted on servers with large populations
  • Changed Lua file hashing algorithm to improve security
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