July 2019 Update is live!

Posted on July 2nd, 2019 11:00 AM EST

Art by Nicnac

Update Highlights
This update finally brings the Half-Life: Source weapons and entities, which were added a few updates ago, directly to your Spawnmenu.

(Note that this requires Half-Life: Source owned and installed on Steam, as well as mounted in Garry's Mod)

This also means the weapons were given proper art pass treatment - third person animations, models and all effects included, which is why the weapons weren't available in the spawnmenu previously.

In addition a lot of Half-Life and NPC related changes and fixes are introduced in this update for your enjoyment. NPCs can now use more built-in weapons (.357 Magnum and Glock) and use others (RPG Launcher) more effectively, some progression stopping bugs in Half-Life campaigns have been resolved.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive map support has been improved as well, static props now get their proper color and there is no longer any weird issues with Physics Gun and bullets hitting the air. The maps also are no longer extremely shiny.

The update also brings some general fixes and improvements to the game, including security, stability and minor performance improvements.

Notable among Lua API changes and improvements is the addition of util.GetModelMeshes[wiki.garrysmod.com]. This new function will allow modders to modify existing models in ways not previously possible. This and all of other new Lua API additions and changes are documented on our our Official Wiki[wiki.garrysmod.com].

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This update will require servers to update before you can join them. We try to keep such updates to a minimum, but it was necessary for this update.

This means that for a certain time after the update you may get a message such as "The server is running an older version of the game" when connecting to your favourite servers. You will have to wait for servers to update before you can join them again.

You CANNOT downgrade to a previous version of the game.
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