August 2023 Patch

Posted on August 8th, 2023 12:45 PM EST
Hello everyone,

We are releasing a small patch today with some minor improvements. Servers are recommended to update at their earliest convenience.

The changelog is as follows:
  • Added util.IntersectRayWithSphere
  • Added util.IsSphereIntersectingSphere
  • Added util.IsBoxIntersectingSphere
  • Added util.IsPointInCone
  • Added util.IsSphereIntersectingCone
  • Panel.PaintManual can now render panels larger than the screen, when its first argument is set to true
  • Added "Clear" button to the console
  • Added missing TF2 map icons from its new updates
  • Added "Color Lit Per Particle" particle initializer, update "Color Random" initializer to include new options
  • Added duplicator.Disallow (Community Contribution)
  • Added DPanPanel (Community Contribution)
  • Added math.CHSpline (Community Contribution)
  • Added SANDBOX:ContextMenuShowTool hook (Community Contribution)
  • Added Global.ScreenScaleH (Community Contribution)
  • Added table.Pack (Community Contribution)
  • Added table.Flip (Community Contribution)
  • Added DHScrollBar (Community Contribution)
  • Added math.CubicBezier (Community Contribution)
  • Added math.QuadraticBezier (Community Contribution)
  • Made language.Add type-error on invalid input instead of silently fail
  • Last argument of util.IsOBBIntersectingOBB is now optional
  • Try to prevent static prop lightmap crashes when given invalid data
  • Panel.PaintAt restores zpos of the panel
  • Clamp physics forces phys_torque applies to prevent crashes/crazy physics
  • Duplicator saves and restores sub materials by default
  • Restored nav_generate progress dialog UI
  • Move OnRequestFullUpdate warning to developer 1 so it is not as spammy
  • Matched behavior of SteamID functions for bots between clientside and serverside
  • Made Player:SteamID64 and Player:AccountID never return no value
  • Error no halt when player.CreateNextBot would crash due to being ran too early
  • Remove limits when reading SteamHTTP response headers
  • Entity.IsMarkedForDeletion now checks Entity.Remove queue, so its output is now more correct
  • Applied an experimental change to render.RenderView to render using VIEW_MONITOR instead of VIEW_MAIN as a potential fix for sprite rendering when using that function
  • Added more NPCs categorized as hostile and friendly towards players (IsFriendEntityName global) (Community Contribution)
  • Added Versus Saxton Hale map category from recent TF2 update (Community Contribution)
  • TTT: Disable notification sound by default and add a setting for it (Community Contribution)
  • Various code cleanups (Community Contribution)
  • Fixed trigger_hurt forgiveness not resetting damage correctly
  • Increased limit of language.GetPhrase output to 4000 bytes, from 1000 - if limit is hit, truncate the string, instead of outputting an empty string
  • Fixed a crash due to BSP ZIP hash collision
  • Fixed crashes due to combining Entity:EnableCustomCollisions and Entity:PhysicsInitSphere
  • steamworks.GetList "days" parameter is functional again
  • Restored functionality of "dtwarning" convar, which defaults to 1 now to maintain old behvaior
  • Make Entity:InitializeAsClientEntity do nothing and error no halt when used. The function was useless and would often crash when used inappropriately
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