Please help us test the upcoming March 2024 update

Posted on February 28th, 2024 12:06 PM EST
Hello everyone,

The next Garry's Mod update is coming soon.

The current plan is to release the next Garry's Mod update on 13th of March at 4PM GMT.

This update will be backwards compatible with existing servers, so servers do not need immediate updating and players can still join old servers, but it is still highly recommended to update as soon as the update releases to get all the new features and fixes.

You can preview the list of upcoming changes here:

(Please note this list is still work in progress and is subject to change.)

Regarding recent patches
I know the recent security patches introduced a few issues into the game. I can understand that it may be frustrating when an addon worked before and stopping working after an update.

But please understand that these patches were and are necessary to ensure security of the game for everyone. Sometimes there just isn't a way to fix a security issue without breaking something else.

The most helpful thing you can do in these cases is report issues you find in a constructive manner, with as many details as possible, with steps to reproduce the issue. This ensures the issue is fixed or mitigated as quickly as possible.

This upcoming update will address a few regressions since those security patches based on community feedback.

Please help us test the update
We kindly ask anyone, players, modders and server owners alike, willing to help us test this update before it releases, to minimize any potential problems with the update.

Just run your game or your (development/test) server on one of the beta versions briefly to see if any new issues crop up compared to the current version of the game.

The Pre-Release Steam beta branch for Garry's Mod has been updated and contains all the changes that will be included in the next update. The "dev" and "x86-64" betas also contain all the upcoming changes.

You can report any found issues preferably on our official bug tracking repository on GitHub: (be sure to search before posting)

Or at the very least in the comments below, or on our official Discord server or:

If you want to set up a Dedicated Server instance using any of the beta branches, see this article:

How to switch game branches:
  1. Exit the game
  2. Right click on Garry's Mod in Steam and select Properties
  3. Go to the Betas tab and select your desired branch
None - This is the normal version of the game
Pre-Release - This is the next update
Dev - This is a bleeding edge version of the game, expect it to contain more bugs than usual
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