March 2024 Update is live

Posted on March 13th, 2024 11:01 AM EST

Artwork showcased: "Job"

The March 2024 Update is now live.

New Crosshairs
This update brings a new default crosshair for the base game, as well as ability to customize your crosshair.

This is usually fulfilled by using addons, but the default crosshair had a long standing issue of being impossible to see on bright backgrounds, so a new one was well overdue.

You can now customize the crosshair in the Options menu:

(You can reset the slider values by middle mouse clicking on them! It works in many places!)

The new default crosshair, a dot image, is visible no matter what you are looking at. You can still use the old crosshair if you really must, via the aforementioned crosshair customization.

The options menu was also changed a bit:

Bringing some of the more obscure settings to the front, so players know of their existence.

Sandbox Improvements
A quality of life change to the built-in Bodygroup & Skin changer is added in Sandbox:

You can now switch skins and bodygroups without closing the menu by right clicking on the options.

Additionally, new quick options are now available in the Server section of the menu bar:

These are only available to be changed in singleplayer or by the listen server host, but hopefully will bring more of a spotlight to existence of these settings.

A lot of more of them can be found in the Spawnmenu's Utilities tab, which were added in previous updates.

Portal 1 entities are now also available in the base game for owners of Portal 1 on Steam:

Other Changes

There has been a huge amount of other, smaller changes that may or may not be visible to players.

You can now share addon presets with your friends, or import them from collections:

Some improvements were made to duplicator support, such as saving NPC health and max health, "Make Persistent" option, and "frozen by physics gun" status.

A large amount of crash issues were fixed.

As usual, a large amount of new Lua API features were added for mod makers, as well as some minor improvements to map making tools.

You can find the full change list for this update in our blog post:
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