March 2024 Patch

Posted on March 19th, 2024 02:54 PM EST
Hello everyone,

We are releasing a small patch today with some fixes for issues introduced in the previous update, as well as some bonus fixes.

Servers and clients are recommended to update as soon as possible.

The changelog is as follows:
  • Fixed lua_refresh_file not working with gamemode or addon files
  • Fixed autorefresh not working on symlinked folders and subfolders
  • Allowed physgun_wheelspeed to go negative again
  • Fixed async model loading system trying to load already loaded models
  • Fixed RecipientFilter global having its argument have a flipped meaning
  • Fixed a crash due to sounds failing to be loaded

  • More potential crash fixes to do with texture loading
  • Fixed net.WriteData warning not displaying correct data
  • Fixed "bad sequence" warnings so they display correct max number
  • Fixed "Unable to initialize DirectSoundCapture" disabling voice chat
  • Fixed some presets being erroneously treated as collection ID
  • Fixed "flush" concommand crashing on windows dedicated server
  • video library restores fps_max if it sets it
  • Moved "render to video" temp file to videos/ folder
  • Fixed "render to video" not rendering while main menu is open
  • CPropDoorRotatingBreakable does not try to precache NULL model breakables
  • Fixed quitting while demo is being recorded writing invalid tick count to the demo count
  • Fixed a crash with the mesh library
  • Fixed DModelPanel having issues with depth buffer when 2 panels are overlaid
  • Removed some useless concommands - Test_CreateEntity, Test_RandomPlayerPosition
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