September 2019 Update is live!

Posted on September 3rd, 2019 11:00 AM EST

Art by PotatoJoe

Update Highlights
This update brings a bunch of improvements to the built-in weapons as well as better support for NPCs being able to use modded weapons.

This update is optional for server owners, but it is highly recommended to update to get all the new fixes and features.

Since Half-Life 1 weapons got a lot of love in previous updates, it is only fair that Half-Life 2 weapons get the same treatment, and with this update we've resolved most if not all visual and audio problems with the built-in Half-Life 2 weapons. No more broken sounds and effects.

We have also added better NPC support to scripted weapons, so addon makers can now control exactly how the NPCs can use their weapons. As an example, the built-in Flechette Gun now has full NPC support, meaning it can be picked up by Citizens/Rebels from the ground and used properly against their enemies.

Your in-game content such as Dupes (built-in, not modded), Saves, Spawnlists, etc now also saves on the Steam Cloud automatically. This feature was enabled a few weeks ago, but we are mentioning it here so you are aware. There is a hard limit of 10000 files per account for this, so be careful if you have excessive amounts of saves and whatnot, if you reach the limit, your new content will not be saved on the Steam Cloud until you delete some old stuff first.

There has also been some improvements to CS:GO/Left 4 Dead map support, fixing some flickering models around those maps and fixing unexpected water effects in certain places on some CS:GO maps.

The Half-Life campaign support continues to improve, as level transitions now work properly in singleplayer, Jeeps get their Gauss Guns back in Half-Life 2 maps, the Half-Life 2 teleporter sequence now slows down the player properly, added a new feature to limit player's ammo (with the ability to match Half-Life defaults) and the suit chargers were changed back to restore 75 armor by default just like in Half-Life 2.

You will find the complete list of changes for this update at the link below.

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