February 2018 Update is out!

Posted on February 26th, 2018 10:04 AM EST

Fixes Fixes Fixes Fixes Fixes

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  • Updated BASS.DLL to
  • Potentially improved vrad.exe performance
  • Better "Error loading gamemode:" errors that actually describe what's wrong
  • Fixed support for Zombie Panic! Source mounting
  • Fixed hammer_update_entity console command crashing the game
  • Fixed a bunch of different exploits
  • Added translations for env_fire and npc_fisherman when shown in the kill feed
  • Updated TTT to the latest version
  • Increased offset for rollermine to prevent it from spawning below ground
  • Changed maximum value for Frame Blend's Shutter slider so it doesn't just black screen
  • Changed the link on the version button in main menu to link to the new website
  • Updated all built in weapons to work better with NPCs
  • Properly turn off thirdperson on level shutdown
  • Fixed certain tools erroring when their console variables are set to "nan"
  • Applied a potential fix to stop tooltips from being displayed when they are not meant to be displayed
  • Improved flashlight effect on custom entities
  • Fixed Stunstuck sprites rendering in weird positions
  • Clientside ragdolls of dead NPCs will now properly inherit material override
  • Serverside ragdolls of dead NPCs will now properly inherit color and material override
  • Added NPC.GetCurrentSchedule
  • Added File.ReadUShort
  • Added File.ReadULong
  • Added File.WriteUShort
  • Added File.WriteULong
  • Added CreatePhysCollideBox
  • Added PhysCollide:TraceBox
  • Added PhysCollide:Destroy
  • Added PhysCollide:IsValid
  • Added mesh.UserData
  • Added ENT:GetRenderMesh
  • Added GM.PlayerDroppedWeapon( ply, wep )
  • Added CNavArea.SetCostSoFar( num )
  • Added type error to render.Capture
  • NextBot functions now properly error if used on invalid entity
  • IMesh:BuildFromTriangles can do userdata too
  • Fixed errors when calling Setup() without second argument on DProperty_Float and DProperty_Int
  • Fixed deriving from DDragBase requiring to define OnModified
  • Fixed Panel.InvalidateChildren being always recursive
  • Fixed Panel.NewAnimation ease values 0-1 being weird
  • Fixed calling SetAllowWeaponsInVehicle( false ) in PlayerLeaveVehicle hook breaking weapon selection
  • Fixed DBinder not working when its convar is set to NaN
  • Fixed DBinder overriding SetSelected( bool )
  • Fixed util.GetModelInfo crashing with empty string
  • Fixed a crash issue with Weapon functions
  • Fixed NeedsDepthPass not working for addons
  • Fixed string.Comma with very large numbers
  • NextBot.GetRangeSquaredTo now actually works the way it's intended to, by returning squared range
  • Updated most render library functions to not lock up when a Lua type error occurs during function execution
  • Prevent potential stack overflows in scripted_ents.Get
  • Fixed the utf8 library failing with certain UTF8 strings
  • Switched base_anim to CBaseAnimatingOverlay, allowing more functions to be used on "anim" entities
  • DProperty_VectorColor now works with standard colors as well ( vector color support unchanged )
  • Added better type checking and error output to NextBot.GetRange(Squared)To()
  • render.Capture can no longer capture Steam Overlay
  • cam.Start() will now error when given no arguments
  • Removed NPC.RemoveMemory

Unlike many previous updates, this one will require servers to update before you can join them. We try to keep such updates to a minimum, but it was necessary for this update.

This means that for a certain time after the update you may get a message such as "The server is running an older version of the game" when connecting to your favourite servers. You will have to wait for servers to update before you can join them again.

You CANNOT downgrade to a previous version of the game.
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