June 2020 Update is live

Posted on June 24th, 2020 11:00 AM EST
Update Highlights

This update fixes a few multiplayer related issues. Performance issues and crashes due to missing textures/materials were resolved, Networking related issues were resolved which should help addons work better when players (re)join busy servers.

Certain sound related issues were also fixed, such as sounds not playing immediately after joining a server, underwater and Leech sounds playing when they are not supposed to, most notably when the player is dead. DSP effects (echo, etc) now also properly reset on map change, so playing on a map with echo should no longer carry the echo onto other maps.

The update is optional for server owners, however it is always a good idea to keep your server updated to receive all the latest fixes and features.

The winning backgrounds from the main menu background contest were added into the game with this update.

You will find the full change list for this update in our blog post:
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