General Bollocks Gang Roleplay

General Bollocks Gang Roleplay
Hostname Legendary Surf | FastDL | Rampbug Fix | Pointshop
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Location United Kingdom
Version 2020.10.14
Platform Linux
Map surf_aquaflow
Registered by GBServers
Registered since September 30th, 2018 12:46 PM EST
Last update September 30th, 2018 12:46 PM EST

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Title: General Bollocks Servers
Map: rp_bangclaw

Introduction: Hey guys, we're a new server but no means a new gamemode. We won't sit & lie to you saying "We made this" all credits go to DarkRP Developers!

Joining multiple servers I found them to be surrounding jobs rather than a group as a whole & I feel to truly enjoy DarkRP you should have a little group! So we at GBServers have gone ahead & opened a server focused around Gangs.

Loosely based upon the 90's era of gangs set in LA, the Bloods/Crips all run rampant & it's up to the Police to keep this lovely town of BangClaw in Order. This Server is Semi-Serious, don't expect to log on, try having a laugh & be banned. As long as you're not disruptive, racist or RDMing/RDAing, your RP is your own.

We've adjusted multiple addons & content to truly show off the fun aspect. Want to be an OG? You can do it, take charge of your soldiers! Just wanna cook meth & make some money? A lovely treat, but it's bad for you teeth, you can do it! All the Jobs & their descriptions are listed below;

City Dwellers:

City Dweller:
You're the basic of basic, not set on joining a gang but still want to have some fun? Go seek out a drug dealer or a gang plug, they'll set you up with whatever you require.

Drug Dealer:
Using a reliable source, you're able to provide gangs/civilians with cheaper drugs than what the Gangs can get!
(Sidenote: All prices are 1/2 of what gangs get, however gangs receive more)

You're sick of the way the Chief runs the joint, it's time to take him out.
This job gives you 1hp, 5 bullets and a safety tower, your mission is to take out the Chief of Police & receive a reward. (Cooldowns are in place).

Backstreet Hitman:
You'll do anything for a quick buck, make sure to hide the bodies.

Police Roles:

Won't list all roles here as most servers follow the same suit, but we have multiple roles included such as;
* Detectives
* Community Officers (Promotion Available!)
* Patrol Officers
* Armory Officers
* Chief of Police (Our version of Mayor)

DarkRP Essentials (Bank/Armory Robberies)
Meth Creation
Cocaine Creation
Elegant Printers
Wardrobe (Admin only for now until we configure it for roles)
Title Store
No VIP Roles (Some are time related, but we're not going to lie & say hosting is expensive, some VIP perks may be drawn up in the future should time require it, but right now, it's not going to happen)
M9K (We may switch to CW if requested)

And much, much more!

Also, our FastDL is set up in conjunction with Workshop DL, so you won't find yourself downloading 30GB worth of addons, we keep it simple & let the RP flow.

Any questions, let us know!