Beta [DMG] CWRPxJvSxDarkRP | wOS/Holocrons/Quests/Conquest/Drugs

Beta [DMG] CWRPxJvSxDarkRP |
Hostname [Beta] Dawn Myriad Gaming's Star Wars Universe ♥
Status Checked 2 hours ago / Online 44 days ago
Players 0 / 32
Location United States of America
Version 2019.07.02
Platform Windows
Map rp_dmg_trace
Registered by shadekoba
Registered since June 29th, 2019 01:40 AM EST
Last update June 29th, 2019 01:40 AM EST

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[DMG] Dank Meme Gaming's Barely Serious StarWarsRP x DarkRP aims to bring together the Garry's Mod community by creating a server that takes the best features from each gamemode and seamlessly strings them together to make a truly unique and enjoyable gaming experience for every kind of gamer!

What does DMG offer?
- Join the spice trade and brew moonshine, grow weed, or cook meth!
- Bitminers for Splicers, Jedi Sentinels, and Sith Bankers!
- Lawnmower Wookies. Spawn with a crossbow and mow the lawn on Kashyyyk and Tython for cash and XP!
- Bounty Hunters, Mercenaries, Black Market Dealers, Gamorrean Guards, Bith Musicians, Tusken Raiders, and so many other great jobs to RP as!
- Join a faction to capture control points for additional XP and credits!

Including the SWRP factions we love!
- The Galactic Republic! RP as a clone trooper with many of the regiments you're familiar with from clone wars servers, but in a DarkRP setting it is the duty of the Republic to uphold the laws of the galaxy! The laws are created by the Grand Admiral.

- Jedi vs Sith! Collect holocrons from either your own vault or your enemy's to learn new force powers, gain more force power, forcepower regeneration speed, and more!

- Completely custom and unique force powers and lightsaber animations (OG sabers are included), automatic Grey Jedi status when made Force Sensitive, which is also completely FREE!

- Level cap is 420 (the dankest of numbers, of course!)
- Forcepower cap is 500%



We're constantly developing new features far beyond the scope that we can put here! Make sure to join our discord to stay up to date on new features and get to know our community!