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February 2018 Update is out!

February 26th, 2018 10:04 AM EST

[]Fixes Fixes Fixes Fixes FixesView Post[]Changes Updated BASS.DLL to Potentially improved [...]

Next Garry's Mod update is coming next week

February 19th, 2018 01:55 PM EST

Hi everyone,We are planning to put out the next Garry's Mod update next week.You can find the list of changes that will be coming [...]

GMod Stories: The making of Trouble in Terrorist Town

February 16th, 2018 10:08 AM EST

[]Over the years, Trouble in Terrorist Town has been one of the most enduring Garry's Mod modes, if not to play then certainly to [...]

GMod Stories: The Making of Haven

February 2nd, 2018 09:49 AM EST

[]What if Gordon Freeman didn't exist? That's the premise behind Haven, a 40 minute experimental machinima that has just been [...]

November Update #2

November 21st, 2017 07:11 AM EST

[]Hotfix for a bug that players are using to crash servers with the Physgun.View Post[]Changes Fixed an exploit [...]

Gmod Stories - MachineCult's Dupes

November 16th, 2017 08:23 AM EST

[]The story of MachineCult's dupes. From towering Combine mechs, to junk ships and more. View Post[]

November 2017 Update

November 15th, 2017 07:10 AM EST

This update fixes some common crashes, including a crash caused by particles from a recent Team Fortress 2 update.View Post[]Changes [...]